At STERIPLUS, we are dedicated to creating societal wellbeing and safety by providing Infection mitigation solutions to businesses that interact with and care for the general public.


Disinfection of rooms and spaces to a 99.9+% kill rate of viruses, spores and bacteria.

SteriPlus Canada, based in Mississauga, is a leader within the medical device reprocessing industry, and has committed to continue improving its reprocessing and sterilization services from its facilities and on-site at partner hospitals, for sterilization of PPEs for COVID-19.

  • Swab analysis: Take a swab of an area before and after application to determine the amount of bacterial colonies in that treated area

  • Shock Dosing: Provide a stronger disinfecting dose for instances where there have been outbreaks or areas prone to higher concentration of the virus (i.e. ICU unit)

  • Maintenance Dosing: For more regular disinfection practices in common areas such as cafeterias, classrooms and dining rooms

  • Staff Training: We provide full training to all staff members on how to use the best disinfectant practices as well as how to safely handle and distribute the solution

  • Solution Supply: We continue to provide the solution for all your disinfecting needs

ISO 9001 AND ISO 13485 CERTIFIED and as well is accredited by Accreditation Canada and licensed by Health Canada.

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