Re-Opening Ontario After Lockdown

Is Your Business Safe for ReOpening After Lockdown? SAFESITE Recognition Labels can help.

Ontario’s COVID Reopening Strategy can be improved with a “COVID-safe” recognition system for business sites based upon the measures the companies implement to ensure their employees and customers the site is a safe place to visit/work.

SAFESITE Global can provide this for Ontario’s businesses

SAFESITE’s “label” can be given and affixed to the entrance of the business based on the process steps taken to assure the safety of people, replacing sector by sector approaches to reopening.

For SAFESITE recognition these steps include:


  • Non-contact Inspection

  • No cost Consultancy

  • Assessment of Site needs


For people:

  • OnLine Screening

  • Health & Safety Training

  • PPE

For Places:

  • Protocol development

  • Barriers/Partitions/Signage

  • Swab analysis, pre & post treatment

  • Dry fogging Shock Dose Treatment



  • Regular Dosing & Analysis

  • HVAC improvements including

  • Continuous Disinfection

  • SmartSolutions, intelligent washrooms & amenities

Each type and location of business is a different situation that requires a unique solution. Let’s propose #SolutionsNotLockdowns with the objective to reduce the transmission of the virus as much as possible and to accept the residual risk while allowing economic, cultural and social activity to resume and reopen. Just as vaccines will help individuals to live with the virus, as we do with influenza, let’s have businesses recognize and treat the residual risk through SAFESITE Solutions.

We can work together with local municipalities and Ontario’s Ministry of Labour Inspectors for advising and compliance with SAFESITE requirements to safely reopen Ontario’s businesses and help them to PROSPER.


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