An Energy Consulting Company. Cleaner, Healthier Air with REME-LED Technology.

REME-LED Technology offers Active Air Purification - treating the air in ducts, occupied spaces, and surfaces. This technology is proven to kill 99.9+% of viruses, bacteria and mould by eliminating airborne and surface contaminants with Hydro Peroxide lons & Bi-Polar lonization.

Helping to prevent the spread of Coronaviruses

  • The REME-LED active air purification systems has validated test results showing 99.9+% reductions of airborne viruses and is also laboratory tested and proven to combat COVID-19.

Reducing airborne & surface contaminants

  • REME-LED Technology with PHI Cell Induct air purifier produces lonized Hydrogen Peroxide molecules which are distributed through the air handler, and associated duct system and into the conditioned living space to reduce microbial, particulate and gaseous contaminants.

Providing increased comfort & safety for occupants

  • Indoor environments present significant microbial risk to occupants of a building. This technology is tested and proven to reduce dirt and surface-borne odour, bacteria, virus, mould and VoC (chemical odours) by 99.9+%.