Safe Site Global consists of 6 companies that offer unique expertise in creating safe business spaces

By working together, we provide comprehensive solutions for your business’ needs.
Learn more about the member companies that comprise Safe Site Global as well as the unique services they offer.

Businesses never needed an Infection Prevention and Control Specialist. Now they do! 

Get READY™ bridges that gap for your organization! COVID-19 is an unprecedented global pandemic disaster. The challenge is not just getting people “back to work”, but doing so in a way that ensures employers are compliant, staff are safe, and customers feel confident. Get READY™ is your outsourced Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) partner. We have the ready-to-deploy cloud based platform that provides you with everything you need to operate safely.


  • Onsite or remote assessment of your workplace environment.

  • Ensure that businesses are in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Action Plan:

  • Our team will guide you through our recommendations to help you find solutions for screening procedures, exposed person in the workplace procedures, and social distance management.

Online Platform:

  • Ensures each workplace meets Public Health and OSHA regulatory compliance.

  • Policies, procedures, checklists, signage, communications, and reporting tools

Infield provides solutions to enable the effective management of workforces and building amenities to minimize the impact of COVID-19, optimize the use of labour, and enable businesses to thrive once again.

  • Water Leak Detection: A smart water leak detection platform.

  • Smart Washrooms: Monitoring washrooms for cleanliness, maintenance, and occupancy.

  • Connected Cubbies: Smart parcel and food delivery management maximizing convenience, security, and safety driven by a mobile app.

  • Micro Markets: Maximizes employee engagement within the workplace with a smart self-service micro market (prepared foods, snacks, and beverages).


An Energy Consulting Company. Cleaner, Healthier Air with REME-LED Technology.

REME-LED Technology offers Active Air Purification - treating the air in ducts, occupied spaces, and surfaces. This technology is proven to kill 99.9+% of viruses, bacteria and mould by eliminating airborne and surface contaminants with Hydro Peroxide lons & Bi-Polar lonization.

Helping to prevent the spread of Coronaviruses

  • The REME-LED active air purification systems has validated test results showing 99.9+% reductions of airborne viruses and is also laboratory tested and proven to combat COVID-19.

Reducing airborne & surface contaminants

  • REME-LED Technology with PHI Cell Induct air purifier produces lonized Hydrogen Peroxide molecules which are distributed through the air handler, and associated duct system and into the conditioned living space to reduce microbial, particulate and gaseous contaminants.

Providing increased comfort & safety for occupants

  • Indoor environments present significant microbial risk to occupants of a building. This technology is tested and proven to reduce dirt and surface-borne odour, bacteria, virus, mould and VoC (chemical odours) by 99.9+%.

Keep your team safe. We provide products and services for companies, hospitals, governments, and schools to assist with returning to work and maintaining a safe environment.  We are committed to recovery and prevention solutions.

PPE and Supplies: 30 years experience sourcing for the Canadian Medical Industry.  Licensed with Health Canada.

OFFICEWALLZ: Socially distanced designed barriers and screens for a COVID- 19 safe work environment. Designed and manufactured in local 110,000 sq ft state of the art facility.

Commercial Real Estate: Comprehensive lease audits to ensure current clauses within a lease provide adequate protection. The pandemic has changed the commercial real estate industry and our professionals can support clients in a number of capacities including helping to understand optimal space densities; reviewing lease terms in respect to landlord obligations; social distancing in common areas; safe building access; building contractors' infectious disease processes; and janitorial protocols, as well as supporting a disciplined and transparent process to develop effective real estate strategies to reduce cost and risk.

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Disinfection of rooms and spaces to a 99.9+% kill rate of viruses, spores and bacteria.

SteriPlus Canada, based in Mississauga, is a leader within the medical device reprocessing industry, and has committed to continue improving its reprocessing and sterilization services from its facilities and on-site at partner hospitals, for sterilization of PPEs for COVID-19.

  • Swab analysis: Take a swab of an area before and after application to determine the amount of bacterial colonies in that treated area

  • Shock Dosing: Provide a stronger disinfecting dose for instances where there have been outbreaks or areas prone to higher concentration of the virus (i.e. ICU unit)

  • Maintenance Dosing: For more regular disinfection practices in common areas such as cafeterias, classrooms and dining rooms

  • Staff Training: We provide full training to all staff members on how to use the best disinfectant practices as well as how to safely handle and distribute the solution

  • Solution Supply: We continue to provide the solution for all your disinfecting needs

Spark is a collaborative innovation hub and start-up incubator for today’s entrepreneurial workforce.  We provide a space where start-ups and established businesses can locate with the support necessary to grow and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


Spark Niagara is proud to bring together this group of companies to support the small business community through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond through the formation of the Safe Site Global consortium.

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